Vicky     : Vocals
Badai     : Guitar
Apet      : Guitar
Yunus    : Bass
Arab      : Drums

Death Metal
Indonesian Death Metal
Formed on 13 November 2010 by Arab and Vicky, they talked about extreme metal music they will play. GARGANTUAR filled by careless youth, sweeping / arpeggio riffs, blast beats as the destroyer of the ear, and horrible vocal. Faddillah Ridwan Fiqih, Septian Sulaiman, Rasep Tiadi, and Adhi Nugroho ready to demolish your ears, look forward to their performances that will make your head banging.We have 4 songs that became the initial capital for us, this song is called Tentara Anubis,Death Racist People,Sinful Face,Suffering. I hope our songs can be accepted by the extreme metal music listeners.
Current Location
Interment Death Metal Troops
Artists We Also Like
True Death Metal Band!!
Link fans page   (@gargantuar666)

Band Interests
Booking Agent
0819 081 84 272 / 0838 7200 4008 (Adhoii)

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